TransLinguist Enhances Product with Voice Speech AI amid $67B Language Market Surge

TransLinguist Meeting

TransLinguist Interactive introduced their all-new remarkable in-built product features in response to innovation in multilingual communication and even higher industry expectations.

The Response so far?

Since the product’s launch back in 2022, TransLinguist Interactive has turned out to be a highly adaptive solution. The ability of this solution to provide a single platform for real time continuous and simultaneous Interpretation with features that promote inclusivity as well as accessibility has given remarkable feedback. Our roster of interpreters has significantly expanded, and we have included a broader range of languages to enhance diversity. TransLinguist Interactive has launched several key new features including AI driven Speech-to-Speech translations incorporating speech nuances and natural accents giving an experience of natural conversations.

What’s New?

TransLinguist Interactive is a platform designed to facilitate and streamline multilingual communication by making it more accessible. Our team has developed an all-in-one solution and successfully integrated our product with various platforms, including Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and others. These integrations enable clients to leverage their existing software licenses and conduct meetings as usual while the participants can experience real-time interpretations on their mobile devices using our product with just a simple touch of a button.

In a world where businesses are shifting toward hybrid setups to achieve cost savings and resource conservation, TransLinguist Interactive stands as a pioneer in decarbonization technology. Our platform enables seamless operations in hybrid mode for conducting business, meetings, conferences, and more, eliminating the inconvenience of communication barriers. This not only leads to substantial cost reductions in terms of equipment, transportation, and logistics but also advances businesses toward sustainability. With our platform, clients can now have interpreters participate remotely while hosting their events onsite, enhancing accessibility and flexibility.

We believe in the potential of AI as the future. Our AI-powered closed captioning and automated subtitling offer cutting-edge capabilities in nearly 22 languages, delivering tremendous value. While we acknowledge that AI is no substitute for human interpreters, this technology is the most cost effective solution for low-complexity events. It enables clients to achieve cost savings by opting for AI-driven captions and subtitles, while also granting them the flexibility to schedule meetings without prior notice.

Moreover, TransLinguist Interactive takes communication to the next level with its state-of-the-art AI-enabled Speech-to-Speech Translator across 16+ languages. This feature provides users with real-time interpretations via voice AI. Our commitment to innovation in technology and years of experience in the industry has helped us develop an AI language translation tool with exceptional accuracy and adaptability. Our cost-effective solution dismantles language barriers, facilitating communication in corporate trainings, international meetings, conferences, and town hall meetings.

We value inclusivity and diversity, be it in remote or hybrid settings. TransLinguist Interactive meets a critical need by offering sign language interpretation services for the hard of hearing community. In doing so, we not only contribute to establishing a foundation for lasting and transformative change in disability inclusion but also access a significant market of 430 million individuals living with this disability.

What’s Next?

“I am thrilled to unveil the latest advancements in our product, designed for a global audience. Our developments align with the trends of hybrid meetings, increased digitization, and AI integration. We are expanding worldwide, introducing more languages and features with a focus on improving AI speech-to speech translations.

TransLinguist Interactive empowers organizations to streamline multilingual conferences, enhancing efficiency and ROI by replacing legacy methods and ensuring accurate, efficient, and tailored communication. In the hybrid future, we are excited to fulfill all our clients’ language service needs.”

Jawad Khan – Managing Director