TRAVOD Earns Top 30 Ranking in Northern Europe

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TRAVOD International, August 22, 2018 – Common Sense Advisory announced that TRAVOD has been ranked as one of the top 30 Translation agency in Northern Europe.

Published in June 2018 by independent market research firm Common Sense Advisory (CSA), “The Language Services Market: 2018” ranked TRAVOD International as a top-grossing Language Service Provider (LSP) in the US$46.52 billion global market for outsourced language services and technology. TRAVOD International was named as the 93rd largest LSP in the world and the 22nd largest in Northern Europe.

“We are thrilled to be recognised in the CSA Research. And, as the localisation landscape continues to evolve rapidly, we are here to explore new ways of contributing to the translation industry by focusing on digital solutions, website translation and localisation automation, which can and will transform the global economy.” said Elena Grigoras, CEO of TRAVOD International. “This ranking recognizes the work that our dedicated team puts into empowering our clients, throughout their journey, to achieve global success and localise every aspect of their business.”

With technology pushing LSP boundaries to higher performance, the translation and localisation industry is rushing to improve their stack technology from Vendor Management to Project Management solutions. TRAVOD is already ahead of top LSPs when it comes to implementing internal Translation Management System (TMS). The TMS Traduno combines projects, invoices, translators, vendors, affiliates, employees and reports and will be released to the public in the coming months.

“Technology is here to stay and there is no way to deny its efficiency in helping LSPs in their digital transformation process. Translation agencies rely on technology for automation, agility and cost optimisation. Clients value us for our commitment not only to localisation solutions, but also for our approach to technology and digital transformation inside their company.” said Elena Grigoras, CEO of TRAVOD International.   

Sixty-four percent of the LSPs surveyed said that revenue was up on the previous year. Factors driving this demand include content digitisation, personalized customer service, and business globalisation. As organisations both large and small make their products and services available in more languages, advisors predict that the language services industry will continue to grow and that the market will increase to US$56.18 billion by 2021.

“As businesses optimize their customer experience in home markets through digitisation, companies are under pressure to globalise their entire operations. Our research has long and conclusively demonstrated that people are much more likely to purchase products in their own language. In addition, that same content and product localisation reduces customer care costs and increases brand loyalty,” explains Dr. Donald A. DePalma, CSA Research’s founder and Chief Strategy Officer.

Founded in 2011, TRAVOD International is located in London, United Kingdom, and manages over 15,000 translation projects each year for all manner of industries, from legal to manufacturing. In 2018, the company grew exponentially in terms of employees, project managers and revenue.


TRAVOD, a full-service translation agency, has evolved and adapted so as to offer cutting-edge translation and localisation solutions to global companies and outsourcing solutions for LSPs.

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