The Ultimate Guide to Insourcing or Outsourcing Website Translation

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MotionPoint, a leading translation and localization company, publishes an all-inclusive guide to help organizations decide to insource or outsource website translation.

COCONUT CREEK, FL.–(Slator)– Insourcing or outsourcing comes down to an organization locating its stage in the translation lifecycle, understanding its resource capacity, and knowing how to calculate the total cost of a translation project.


  • How to determine your stage in the translation lifecycle 
  • How to calculate the costs of translation
  • The advantages and disadvantages of both insourcing and outsourcing
  • The different outsourcing options available for website translation

With the launch of MotionPoint’s new eBook, organizations can explore the reality behind the costs of website translation projects. 

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Outsourcing is beneficial when translation quality is important, and the existing staff doesn’t have the necessary capacity, experience, or technology to do it internally. Another common reason to outsource happens when project deadlines are near, and frequent content updates require fast translation, concierge-level service, and increasing cost-efficiencies over time.

Discover the Disadvantages of Outsourcing Translation

Insourcing saddles companies with more accountability and work but gives them full control over the translation process. However, when translation is not a core competency within a company, costs increase quickly. Beware of $100,00s in hidden costs spent on staffing, translation, web development and project delays. It typically takes 12–18 months to publish multilingual websites in-house. Companies need to consider the opportunity cost of generating revenue now, versus a year and a half from now. 

Discover the Advantages of Insourcing Translation 

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Working with a concierge-managed translation service partner like MotionPoint may help you expand to new markets fast, especially early in the translation lifecycle. 

“MotionPoint has been selling a proxy tech first solution for 22 years, but our platform is really an efficient way to provide a concierge-level service for companies looking to enter new markets fast, cost-effectively, and without sacrificing translation quality, or depleting internal resources,” says Evan Kramer, CEO at MotionPoint.

Maximize your website translation ROI by downloading MotionPoint’s exclusive eBook and learn the secrets of cost estimation to make an informed decision on insourcing vs outsourcing translation.

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