United Language Group Releases New Machine Translation Tool Powered by Lucy Software


OctaveMT powered by Lucy offers data security, speed and innovative features in an intuitive interface, ideal for users concerned with confidentiality and translation cost savings.

Minneapolis, MN, USA (July 26, 2017) – United Language Group (ULG) released a new and improved version of its machine translation software today, representing nearly two decades of research and development as a result of ULG’s acquisition of Lucy Software in March 2017. OctaveMT Powered by Lucy incorporates website proxy translation, automated document translation that preserves native formatting, and a secure data transfer process that reduces the likelihood of data breach or compromise.

OctaveMT Powered by Lucy combines the accuracy of statistical and rule-based MT models, protected through 256-bit SSL encryption to ensure confidentiality throughout the transmission and translation of electronic files, texts, and websites. ULG’s OctaveMT system was designed specifically for users concerned about security during the translation process, such as Human Resources departments, healthcare providers, corporate legal teams, or those users tasked with translating internal communications protected by non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements.

OctaveMT Powered by Lucy is a lightweight tool with low server impact that offers translation to and from 20 of the world’s most popular languages. The tool also preserves live document formatting, and can incorporate Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Language Identification (LI) technology for image files and scanned documents. This scalable, stable and secure system can be customized with the integration of corporate terms or translation memories, improving output and accuracy, and can be hosted either on ULG’s network or installed on a corporate intranet.

“Our teams bring language expertise and passion to the development of MT systems, which sets us apart from technology giants in Silicon Valley. OctaveMT is a huge step for ULG as a technology-focused LSP. Our goal is always to provide our clients with better solutions that reduce translation costs and turnaround times,” said ULG President Kristen Giovanis. “The release of this subscription-based, tiered service gives our end users a customized experience for any budget or scale.”

Daniel Grasmick, Founder and Managing Director of Lucy Software said, “I’ve spent my career in language technology, including machine translation, and worked to build an extremely accurate and agile system that outperforms some of the free consumer tools on the market. When we joined ULG in March, it was an opportunity to scale our tools and release them to a larger base of customers seeking a more secure way to quickly translate texts and websites without compromising quality.”

United Language Group has experienced rapid growth through sales and acquisition throughout 2016 and 2017. The company has already acquired two major language service providers, including an interpreting organization, Language Select based in Los Angeles, and SAP Localization and Machine Translation provider Lucy Software and Services GmbH. ULG has released three proprietary technologies since its inception in June of 2016. This month, Common Sense Advisory ranked ULG as the 19th largest Language Services Provider in the world.  

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United Language Group (ULG) is an innovative translation, interpreting and localization provider founded on quality processes and language expertise. ULG provides unique technology and high-quality language solutions to give an exceptional experience to every customer, every time.

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