UTH Raises Series-A Round, Accelerates Rollout of Multilingual Big Data Platform

UTH International (uTransHub Information Technology Co. Ltd.), a key enterprise of the high-tech industry in Baoshan, Shanghai, completed a Series-A+ investment worth tens of millions of renminbi on July 5, 2016. Hangzhou Robam Industrial Group Co. Ltd. and CDH Investments are among those who participated in the round.

UTH last announced a Series-A investment on December 26, 2014, when it signed an agreement with Dinghui Investment Management (Tianjin) Company Limited (CDH Investments). The investment was aimed at several aspects of UTH’s business, namely “cross-border e-commerce, big data in vertical fields, cloud computing, and innovative translation technologies.”

The latest investment round and resource integration enabled UTH International to further accelerate the rollout of its cross-language, big data, back-end database Sesame series. Attending the signing ceremony were executives from Hangzhou Robam Industrial Group Co. Ltd., CDH Investments, Shanghai Pudong Software Park Information Technology Co. Ltd., Minsheng Tonghui Asset Management Co. Ltd., Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce in Yiwu, Jinhua, and UTH International.

Zhao Jihong, President of Hangzhou Robam Industrial Group Co. Ltd. and Du Jinlin, Chairman and CEO of UTH International, inked the agreement before the distinguished guests. During the signing ceremony, UTH International announced the launch of one of its products from the Sesame series, called Sesame Translate.

sesame-translateDriven by a total of 6.7 billion parallel segments of high-quality human translation data and 4 patented technologies, Sesame Translate is the world’s first cross-language, reading-level translation tool based on artificial intelligence. The product enables back-end big data to have the potential for exponential growth. It also provides sufficient basic support and exciting opportunities for further development based on cross-language big data.

Among its key features is drag-and-drop translation, which allows you to simultaneously work with five documents in one go (less than 20MB each), getting your translations done in 15 to 45 seconds on average. Sesame Translate also preserves the source file’s formatting and typesetting, easily presenting your translations in sentence-by-sentence or paragraph-by-paragraph bilingual layouts. Furthermore, it supports 20 file formats and 25 languages.

Other products in the Sesame series will be launched in 2016.

About Hangzhou Robam Industrial Group Co. Ltd.

Hangzhou Robam Industrial Group Co. Ltd. (“Robam Group”) is one of the earliest companies engaged in the production of household appliances in China. Following the big success of its household appliances, Robam Group implemented a multi-industry investment holding strategy. After years of hard work, it has achieved a presence in major fields of advanced manufacturing, securities and finance, and the Internet of Things. Under its dovetailed strategy of industry plus investment, Robam Group now jointly or solely holds shares in several companies, with an overall market value of 35 billion yuan. It owns a listed company, Hangzhou Robam Appliances Co. Ltd. (stock code: 002508), and several of its shareholding companies and joint stock companies are applying for A-share listing.

As an investment holding platform company, Robam Group upholds the investment and management idea of “diversified investment and specialized operation,” and advocates the industrial structure of “balancing profits and cash flow, laying equal stress on growth and stability, and promoting industrial capital and financial capital simultaneously.” By means of incremental self-owned capital, strategic investment partners, equity financing and appropriate borrowings, it has achieved diversified financing and has grown into a group company with a clear investment philosophy and substantial investment capability.

About UTH International

Founded in 2012, Shanghai uTransHub Information Technology Co., Ltd. (“UTH International”) is headquartered at the Shanghai Mobile Internet Innovation Park, China, with a registered capital of 125 million yuan.

UTH International is a provider of new multilingual information processing solutions and has state-of-the-art core technologies and business model innovation advantages. Relying on its unique advantages in the field of “Internet + language technology,” UTH International pioneered the bilingual search and sharing modeled uTransMall, the e-commerce modeled Sesame Search, and localization engineering technology services platform Sesame L10n Toolkit. It also developed leading products based on cross-language services, including Sesame Translate, Sesame Service, Sesame Lingo, and Sesame Publish.

It has built a world-leading multilingual big data platform integrated with tens of billions of precision translation units, providing applications and solutions in the fields of cross-border e-commerce, aerospace and aviation, high-tech manufacturing, automotive, multimedia, tourism and hospitality, IT/software, social media, and higher education, among many others.

The elite team of UTH International is composed of top professionals from well known international enterprises such as Huawei, Oracle and Microsoft, as well as top five well known globalization service providers including Lionbridge, SDL, and Dextrys.