VAMOS JUNTOS on March 24-25, 2023

Vamos JUNTOS March 24-25, 2023

The Association of Language Services of Latin America and the Caribbean, or JUNTOS, is pleased to announce the organization of VAMOS JUNTOS, its first ever conference, at the Windsor Excelsior Hotel in Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro on March 24-25, 2023. 

The Windsor Excelsior is ideally located in front of world famous Copacabana, a celebrated golden-sand beach that plays home to millions of bathers and revellers alike. With a lively cultural and dining scene, Copacabana is a stellar attraction in itself in Rio de Janeiro.

VAMOS JUNTOS will have two days of engaging presentations, debate and discussion, with plenty of time for networking, benchmarking, mentoring and caipirinhas aimed at owners, founders, partners, managers and leaders of translation, localization and interpreting companies and related services providers interested in or focused on Latin America and the Caribbean.

VAMOS JUNTOS has an impressive speaker line up, including Renato Beninatto, Steve Lank, Hugo Rizzi, Carol Velandia, Celia Korn, Paulo Guimarães, Philipp Muhl, Cristian Modesto, Sophie Halbeisen, Liza Blason, Rafael Sousa, Alessio Demartis, Teddy Bengtsson, Diana Cantor, Gustavo Naccachian, David Mego and several others. 

JUNTOS is a non-profit association whose core purpose is to represent the interests of language services providers in Latin America and the Caribbean and explore the challenges they face.

JUNTOS aspires to raise industry standards and the profile of the translation, interpreting and localization industry across the board in Latin America and the Caribbean, by promoting increased adoption of international quality norms and creating opportunities for networking, benchmarking and mentoring.

For more information please reach out to: Charles Campbell, Roslyn Famous, Ivan Escamilla, David Mego, Saul Villegas, or Rafael Sousa.

See you at VAMOS JUNTOS in Rio on March 24-25!

Vamos JUNTOS March 24-25, 2023