Venga Introduces New Features and Capabilities to Drive Data-Enabled Decisions

Business intelligence meets simplified project management in Venga Gateway Client Portal version 1.2

San Francisco, California – June 12, 2018 – This week, Venga Global announced several new features for the Venga Gateway Client Portal to enable clients to make more effective and more efficient decisions in their translation and localization strategy.

“From day one, the Gateway Client Portal was designed with the only goal to make customers lives easier, reducing or suppressing altogether the need for status meetings, long email threads, and complex spreadsheets and trackers,” said Jose Palomares, CTO at Venga Global. “In version 1.2, in addition to providing users with one single UI where they can order translations, monitor progress, and store and retrieve their linguistic data, they can also obtain the business intelligence they need to stay on top of their budget, and to produce and share business metrics with other stakeholders.”

Features for Venga Gateway Client Portal version 1.2 include:

Faster job initiation. Rather than wasting time worrying about the risks and hassle of emailing sensitive data and files, Venga’s Gateway Client Portal enables clients to simply create new jobs and upload their files through a secure platform. They can also include information such as their content’s domain and subdomain, or even the invoicing budget or cost center to charge the cost to.

Quicker quote approvals. Clients can submit a quote request and quickly receive a detailed quote they can approve or reject with just a click. Once a quote has been accepted, the system will automatically initiate the translation on the client’s behalf.

Dashboard of relevant KPIs. Venga’s expert in-house team will set up each client’s portal dashboard to display key metrics and measurements such as budget usage, achieved savings, projects needing attention, spend analysis, etc.

Better budget management. Create and allocate budgets to easily pinpoint how much is spent by/on each group, area or cost center in your organization. The data is updated in real time as projects progress so that clients are always on top of any changes.

Easier invoice monitoring. Easily check the status of all invoices or download them in PDF format to review their details.

Granular permission settings. Set role and group-specific permissions to limit the access to certain information or features on a need-to-have basis.

Business intelligence. Easy-to-understand detailed translation data overviews ensure clients can make informed decisions. To this end, Venga has created several tracking report templates covering key topics such as costs per language and content type, savings from resources like Translation Memory (TM), tasks delivered on time, etc. This provides the data needed to determine the next steps for growth. Alongside, customizable reports allow clients to extract their own reports in Excel across multiple categories such as job type, language, status, department, and more.

“Data-driven decision making is a staple of all parts of a business and translation is no exception,” said Antoine Rey, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. “Our clients should have confidence when making key decisions around their global growth and the new functionalities of our client portal will give them the leverage they need.”

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