Venga Reshapes Language Review with InQA Cloud Application

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San Francisco, CA –  This month Venga Global launched a new Language Review Services solution, making their language review tool, InQA, available to the public for the first time. 

Language review is the process that comes after translation and involves a third-party linguist checking over content to make sure that the translation meets quality requirements. Venga’s InQA tool replaces the traditional spreadsheet method of managing language quality assurance (LQA) and provides a single platform for review, collaboration, tracking, and reporting. The tool is fully customizable and supports many file types and the standard evaluation models used in the industry including DQF-MQM and LISA. It also has a chrome plugin that allows Venga to work directly from within most cloud TMS applications.

Eveline Jebaili, Quality Director at Venga stated, “After years working in the Language Quality Assurance field, we knew that there had to be a better way… We developed InQA for our internal purposes and it turned out better than we expected. This is something that we know will bring value to other companies as well, so we decided to offer it as part of our new Language Review Services.”

Beyond using InQA, Venga has a long-standing culture of training and developing its reviewers. This means they provide structured, constructive, and helpful feedback, and translators and clients don’t need to worry about vague or confusing reviews. 

Jebaili added, “We take pride in our arbitration process to help resolve conflicts of opinion on wording style between reviewers and translators. Our Language Review Services provide clients with an accurate assessment of how well their brand, voice, and message are conveyed in the local markets.”

Venga’s Language Review Services is a smart choice for clients that do not have in-country language resources, are looking to expand into a new market where they have limited or no staff, or are seeing that their in-country staff is overloaded with language review and validation. It is also a good option for clients who are not entirely happy with the quality delivered by their translation partner but don’t have objective data to help them address the issues.

Antoine Rey, CSMO at Venga contributed these words when asked about the new service. “We often hear from clients that they don’t have the resources or time to review any or all of the content their translation providers generate. By offering this new service, we can meet that need and relieve overloaded in-country employees. In essence, we become our clients’ Language Managers and quality authority for a given language. The goal of this service is not to point the finger, but to find issues and improve the overall end-client experience with quality content.” 


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We follow a strategy of building robust programs for continuous translation and localization for enterprise clients. These programs are supported by an agile production team, an innovative tools and technology approach, a specialized supply chain, and an ISO-certified quality assurance team.

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