Versacom Opens New Office in Vancouver

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Versacom, the largest Canadian-owned multilingual translation company and its subsidiary Idem Traduction, both headquartered in Montreal, Quebec are pleased to announce the opening of a second office, this one in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Versacom has a unique understanding of North American businesses’ multilingual communication needs—localization, marketing adaptation, specialized translation, consulting on francization and compliance with language laws, and more. From SMEs to the biggest players in all key sectors of the Quebec and Canadian economies, some 2,000 clients have relied on its professional services in the last 25-plus years. 

With the addition of a Vancouver office, Versacom is now a smarter choice than ever, offering coverage across all the country’s time zones for your local, regional, national and international communications. The move also creates additional prospects for its existing employees as well as new hiring and partnership opportunities in Vancouver.

“In a post-pandemic world, some businesses will continue to shift toward a more virtual model, while others will reinforce and enhance the physical office model. We believe in doing both,” explains François Chartrand, president of Versacom. “While giving employees the freedom to choose whether to work from home, we’re also trying to build more physical proximity with our people and our clients. In fact, Versacom and Idem have a growing number of team members and partners based in Western Canada, and opening a Vancouver office will not just enable us to better serve clients, but will also support our continuous efforts to recruit new talent.”

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Founded in 1995, Versacom is headquartered in Montréal, along with its subsidiary Idem Traduction. It relies on a network of language professionals located across Canada and around the globe who have recognized degrees and solid industry experience to offer comprehensive language services covering all local, regional, national and international markets, and all languages.