Versacom, the Largest Canadian-Owned Professional Translation Agency, Launches a New Website

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Montréal, November 9, 2017 – Versacom, the largest Canadian-owned professional translation agency, is pleased to announce the launch of its brand-new website, at Covering every facet of multilingual communications, the site is designed to help organizations from any sector to better define their overall language services needs and to have them met with guidance from true professionals.

As François Chartrand, Versacom’s president and general manager explains: “Business leaders expect quality services and competitive pricing from their suppliers, but they look for complementary services as well. Professional services agencies have to broaden their offering to provide solutions that cater not only to their clients’ immediate needs, but also to their future needs. That’s how they demonstrate their understanding of the market and earn their clients’ trust.”

“Versacom is a reputable language services agency, and we owe our long-standing success to a talented team of seasoned professionals from multiple fields. Our claim to fame has always been the exceptional quality of our translation services for a large variety of industries, including finance, telecommunications and life sciences. What’s more, we provide our clients with a range of specialized consulting services, personalized solutions and leading project management tools. It is precisely that added value we showcase with the new site, in addition to providing clients with information on the many strategic aspects of communications: language quality, content adaptation for different markets, brand management, cost control, information security and confidentiality, and more.”

The website offers a simple, yet exhaustive tour of the agency’s language and communications solutions, while highlighting the dedication, experience and knowledge of its large team of trained professionals and its ability to meet clients’ every need, in any language or industry. Through the site, clients and partners can now easily request Versacom’s assistance in a number of ways, be it for a free consultation, a customized presentation, a quick and detailed online quote, or rush translation services.

Over the coming months, in-depth content touching on technology, information management and a variety of other compelling topics will be added on a regular basis. Versacom is committed to providing thorough insight on the most crucial professional, technological and financial dimensions of multilingual communications.

About Versacom

Founded in 1995 and managed by accomplished language experts, Versacom is the largest Canadian-owned professional translation agency. We offer a full range of linguistic services for any of the world’s languages, industries or markets, as well as all relevant support services. As the top professional translation agency in a country that embraces the very highest language standards, we define what world class means in our industry and put that reputation to work for our clients, which include some of the largest corporations on the planet.

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