Video: The Buzz from SlatorCon London 2017

One afternoon jam-packed with language industry insights. That was SlatorCon London 2017. The turnout was excellent. Among the over 60 senior industry executives who attended the forum were Thomas Labarthe, SDL’s Chief Transformation Officer; Hans Fenstermacher, Managing Director of Corporate Development at ULG; Jacob Thuren Falkenham Jørgensen, Chief Strategy Officer at LanguageWire; Expedia’s Senior Vendor Manager Tommaso Rossi, and Eric Blassin, TransPerfect’s Executive Director of Technology.

Senior leaders of language service providers turned out in force, among them Ben Taylor, CEO, Language Connect; Michael Kritz, CEO Acclaro; Krzysztof Zdanowski, CEO Summa Linguae; Luc Meertens, CEO CrossLang; Juan Julián León, CEO, Seprotec; Michael Sneddon, CEO Multigling; Vasso Pouli, CEO, Commit; Ana Boisteanu, CEO, Wordminds; Mark Williams, CEO Global Lingo; Christophe Djaouani, SVP and Managing Director, Donnelley Language Solutions; Gary Muddyman, Managing Director, Conversis; and Robert Timms, Director, translateplus.

Representing the technology vendors were David Canek, CEO, Memsource; Bob Willans, CEO, XTM; Manuel Herranz, CEO, Pangeanic; and Olivier Debeugny, CEO, Lingua Custodia, among others. Of course, with Lilt’s Spence Green and Iconic’s John Tinsley, tech was also well represented among the forum’s speakers.

In addition to speakers Markus Polke (Acton Capital), and Simon Baertl (William Blair & Company), we were also pleased to welcome Investec’s Technology Equity Analyst Julian Yates and many other senior leaders at the forum.

Save the date. SlatorCon is coming to New York on October 26, 2017, and Zurich on December 5, 2017.

Image: Street art in Grimsby Street at Shoreditch (near Ace Hotel, where SlatorCon was held).