Video and Telephone Technology (VITI) for Interpreting and Beyond

Prestige Network Video and Telephone Interpreting System

The technology division of Prestige Network is pleased to announce the launch of an in-house leading-edge developed Video and Telephone Interpreting System. Although this has been developed to meet the ever-demanding client needs of PN, it can be adapted and customised quite easily for deployment on any remotely delivered professional services. These could include Medical, Legal, Educational, and more.

VITI can be offered as a standalone technology to Language Service Providers with its own App, PN Connect. It can also come as a complete system connected to our technology bedrock LinguaNyx ™.

Tim Rees, Head of the Technology Division at PN Commented:

“LinguaNyx IVR (Interactive Voice Response) System has been launched to address the demand from clients to have access to on-demand telephone interpreting. Users can now call our system, select any language, and automatically be connected to a highly qualified and vetted interpreter ready to assist them.

For clients needing to connect with a 3rd party or patients in a remote location, they can be added by the client simply dialling any recognised international number.” 

What does this mean for our clients and linguists?

Our software algorithm distributes calls throughout our entire database, including new starters, rewarding those that build a great reputation for service and speed of answering calls.  

This means our clients receive the best service, and our best linguists are rewarded fairly. 

Since transitioning to our in-house technology, we’ve seen a reduction in connection times of 50%!  

“The excellent team and skill sets that we have brought together over the years, culminating in creating our Technology Division is now bearing fruit,” said Shawn Khorassani CEO of PN.  “As a technology hot house, we can take on major projects for our existing clients and new ones in multiple fields.” He continued.

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About Prestige Network

For over 30 years, Prestige Network has provided tailored language solutions for global challenges. Today our Technology Division is committed to delivering specialised solutions that meet our client’s individual needs.