Viktoriya Reed Appointed New CEO of Glyph Language Services

SPOKANE, Wash., US (May 10, 2017) – Glyph Language Services today announced the appointment of Viktoriya Reed as president and Chief Executive Officer effective May 10th, 2017. Aaron Schliem, Glyph’s co-founder and current CEO, will continue to serve as chairman of Glyph’s board of directors.

Viktoriya Reed has been part of Glyph Language Services for five years and has been Director of Production since August 2014. During that time, Ms. Reed has spearheaded major strategy and procedural shifts that have optimized Glyph’s ability to support their clients, and surpassed the quality expectations of the firm’s Fortune 500 clients. She has deepened the production team’s understanding of client needs, expanded capabilities to meet those needs, and improved retention of both clientele and employees.

“I’m so excited about this new chapter in Glyph’s history. Viktoriya is an outstanding leader, with a great instinct for the localization industry and the ability to develop customized services for complex client needs. Her drive and dedication to client satisfaction sets her apart from other leaders in the industry, and her ability to implement programs and new production paradigms is unmatched,” said Schliem. “It’s exactly the kind of transition I was hoping for, leaving Glyph in the hands of someone who knows the company, understands our clients, and will ensure the continuity of Glyph’s reputation as a market leader in custom processes, complex media and learning solutions, and culturally-infused language solutions.”

“I couldn’t be more honored to have been chosen to lead this exceptional company of creative, talented and dedicated professionals!” said Reed. “It has been my privilege to be a part of an organization that delivers the highest level of service and industry-leading innovative solutions to the best clients with the vision of international expansion. I hope to be able to take this company to the next level in terms of growth and our positioning within a specialized industry of localization innovators.”

Viktoriya Reed, 31, holds a bachelor’s degree in international business and business administration from Whitworth University in Washington. Early in her career, she joined the Spokane International Trade Alliance, a 501(c)(6) organization responsible for export development in Eastern Washington, while also working in various management positions in the export and business development field. In August 2010, the ITA board of directors appointed her Executive Director. In the following years, she led export development strategy for Eastern Washington, while working with hundreds of local small businesses to grow internationally. After a successful stint at ITA, Viktoriya followed her heart into the private sector and joined Glyph to work in a different facet of export development. Viktoriya has served on a number of business development committees and boards in the Spokane area. Viktoriya has shown a persistent career-long focus on international business development, sustainable expansion practices and progressive localization solutions to exporters in multiple industry sectors.

About Glyph Language Services

Glyph Language Services offers comprehensive translation and localization services for eLearning, web, equity compensation, software and multimedia projects. Glyph combines strategic vision, industry-leading tools and practices, top-flight linguist talent, cultural savvy and a deep focus on customer needs to deliver language services that empower its clients to grow globally. Glyph was founded in 2001 in Seattle, WA and is now based in Spokane, WA.


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