Voiseed Introduces Enhanced Revoiceit Platform for Expressive AI Voices

Voiseed - Voicing Emotions

Voiseed is today announcing major upgrades to Revoiceit, the professional virtual studio for expressive AI voices, meeting the rising demand for localized voice content. Already well-known for its capabilities in video game localization, Revoiceit now extends its reach to Media & Entertainment and Corporate Communication, offering high-quality synthetic voices for a whole new range of creative projects.

With its expanded features and its revolutionary generative AI technology, Revoiceit can now support a multitude of audio/video content applications, including podcasts, corporate content (advertising, eLearning, product demonstrations, webinars, etc.) and a range of other Media & Entertainment content.

At its core, Voiseed’s multilingual large voice model ensures exceptional human-like voice quality, clarity, and accuracy. The Revoiceit virtual studio now boasts highly expressive Text-to-Speech (TTS) capabilities, a range of library voices, and customizable options for fully synthetic voices.

Revoiceit users also have fine-grained control over lexicon, pronunciation, and voice output, setting a new industry standard for synthetic voice control. The platform emphasizes user-friendliness and comprehensive customization, allowing creators to fine-tune projects effortlessly.

Operating as a multiuser environment with different team and roles management, the Revoiceit platform encapsulates virtually a traditional studio environment for media production and dubbing, thereby guaranteeing smooth professional workflow, and integrating critical human-in-the-loop operation and review to achieve professional quality results.

Voiseed proudly upholds a strong ethical stance in the development of synthetic voices. The platform does not employ voice cloning by default, and when it is used, it is strictly within comprehensive ethical and legal boundaries.

Whether enhancing gaming, captivating audiences in media, or delivering impactful corporate communications, Revoiceit redefines audiovisual communication by breaking down language barriers and connecting with audiences on a profound level. It stands as a testament to the power of AI in localization.

For more information about Revoiceit and its applications, please visit www.voiseed.com.