VSI Update – Covid-19

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During these unprecedented times, we are prioritising the health and safety of our colleagues, freelancers and acting talent, together with our commitment to our clients, in line with the wider issue of public health. As such, almost all our staff globally are working remotely. Our committed teams in all territories, combined with our robust technology, enable us to manage projects seamlessly and safeguard business continuity, maintaining the high standards of quality, service and security that are expected of VSI. 

Our recording studios continue to operate in many territories, subject to prevailing conditions and restrictions, though the situation is changing day by day. Where we are still recording, we are doing our best to provide the safest possible conditions within the studios. We are closely monitoring new local regulations, but the situation is not improving and it is likely that additional locations will have to stop recording in the near future. In the meantime, we are making full use of our global network of 24 VSI facilities and our capacity to mix centrally at several locations. Editing, QC and mixing continue as normal, as does script translation and adaptation.

Currently, we are recording remotely for a number of clients. We are also working on additional tools to further develop our capability for home recording, as a temporary solution, though we do not believe a home environment can replace a professional recording studio for overall quality.

Our subtitling operations are unaffected, and we are encouraging our clients to consider it as a preferred option for all languages, until high quality dubbing again becomes widely available. Additional services such as translation, transcreation and graphics localisation also remain unaffected. 

We pride ourselves on our transparency and are proactively maintaining open communication with clients, immediately informing them should it become apparent that any of their projects may be impacted.

We continue to strive to give uninterrupted service and are confident that we will emerge from this dark period stronger. We are extremely grateful to our clients for their concern and support, and for their flexibility. We wish them, together with our colleagues and the wider localisation community good health and success.