VSI Update – Resuming In-Studio Production as Lockdowns are Relaxed

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On Monday 20th April, VSI Berlin resumed its in-house dubbing operations, working energetically to clear a backlog of projects, under the highest possible health and safety standards. Following a professional medical assessment, partitions have been built in all studios, sessions are staggered, studios are sanitised between every single actor, and ample safety products are provided.

Several other VSI facilities are already recording and we anticipate that our studios in Spain (Madrid and Barcelona) will reopen next week, closely followed by Rome, Milan, Brussels and Paris. For the latest updates on our facilities in each territory, please see our table and maps below.

While focusing on our recording capabilities we have been working closely with local managers across the VSI Group to implement stringent and comprehensive measures, to ensure the health and safety of all personnel within our studios – both employees and talent. Non-studio personnel continue to work remotely in order to minimise the number of individuals within a facility at any given time. 

We continue to deliver our subtitling, translation, adaptation, transcreation, editing, QC, mixing and other services, remotely and without interruption, to clients all around the world. At the same time, we are developing and implementing alternative technological solutions to broaden our service offering. 

We are proactively maintaining open communication with our clients, collaborating with them to prioritise the delivery of dubbed content as required. 

Over the past few weeks, we have delivered remote recording using various tools, and are testing our own proprietary software. We have successfully completed voice-over and lip-sync projects remotely for a number of clients in various languages and territories. While this has been an interim solution during the Covid-19 pandemic, we strongly believe that high-quality lip-sync dubbing can only be achieved in a professional studio environment, technically, acoustically and creatively. 

At the heart of our business has always been a family approach to our work, and we feel it is more important now than ever to pull together in the face of this global pandemic and support our wider community. VSI is therefore supporting local and international charities, as well as doing our best to prioritise the wellbeing of our staff and talent.

We are extremely grateful to our clients for their support, understanding and flexibility during this challenging time. We wish them, together with our colleagues and the wider localisation community, good health and success.

Please see chart and maps below for studio status updates.

Where our studios have been required to close due to government lockdowns, we continue to record remotely in multiple languages. Please contact us directly to discuss your project requirements.