Way2Academy – an Open Education Project to Unlock Digital Growth Potential

Way2Academy by Way2Global

The new role of accountable LSPs in empowering translators with the digital transformation to make the Language Industry more inclusive and sustainable 

Way2Academy is a project created by Way2Global with two main goals. The first is to democratize new frontier digital technology and make it accessible to translators, while the second is to contribute to two major social issues that are part of the corporate Mission: the gender divide and the digital mismatch, which prevents young people from getting into the labour market.

It’s well known that the language industry has undergone profound changes over the past few years, like so many other sectors. Digitalization – a phenomenon greatly hastened by the pandemic – is the driving force behind the changes to the language industry. Evidence of this is easy to find: In 2020, hybrid translation services combining human contributions with tools like artificial intelligence (AI), content enrichment and post-editing of machine translation (PEMT) were in far higher demand than conventional translation services.

While the use of new technology can be seen as a huge opportunity, enabling translations to be completed more quickly and efficiently than before, we tend to assume that translators and linguists are going to have a whole series of specific new skills, when in reality these competencies are still relatively scarce.

Having identified the lack of training resources in these new fields, Way2Global decided to share its expertise with its community of translators and linguists to ensure that nobody gets left behind as the winds of change blows through the industry. 

As a certified Benefit Corporation, Way2Global has always been hugely active in social causes. As such, it should come as no surprise that the company is now promoting and supporting training and continued professional development among its network of collaborators, with a special focus on women and young people – the groups that are bearing the brunt of the pandemic.

It has been widely demonstrated that women and young people have been the groups most adversely affected by the financial and social impact of the pandemic. 

Women are at risk of being excluded from the labour market, while young people are seeing fewer and fewer opportunities to get into it in the first place. Sadly, both women and young people in the translation industry appear to be lacking the kind of digital skills that are seen as essential in the current market.

Having listened to our community and taken time to understand their needs, we arrived at a solution: Way2Academy. 

Devised by Way2Global Founder and CEO Laura Gori and Dr Pietro Schenone, the former Director of the Altiero Spinelli School of Interpreting and Translation in Milan, Way2Academy promotes digital reskilling and upskilling among translators so that they can gain familiarity with new technology and take control of their careers as they move into new fields.

Through granular online learning modules, Way2Academy lets participants structure their training as best suits their training needs and personal commitments.

Way2Academy is the perfect complement to the company’s other flagship programme, Language Industry 4.0, which is designed to promote technological innovation and digital education as drivers of female empowerment.

For Way2Global, generating social impact and delivering initiatives that benefit its stakeholders – particularly its translators and linguists – is just as important as creating economic value. 

Our raison d’être as a certified Benefit Corporation is to pursue a more sustainable future for all through every decision we make and every action we take. 

Indeed, our hope is that Way2Academy will ultimately contribute to realizing Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality education for all.