Way2Global Launches Green Translations, the First Carbon-free L10n Service in the World

Way2Global Green Translations

Milan, January 12, 2021 – Way2Global’s “translations that care” do more than just connect the world — they can also drive its reforestation and decarbonization.

After two years of research and development, Way2Global has launched a new translation concept that integrates its Benefit Corporation ethos into its language services. Based in Italy, the language service provider has eliminated some harmful emissions and compensated for others through an internal system of environmental and circular economy best practices.

The Green Translations project reached carbon neutrality on Earth Day, 22 April 2020, despite all the issues thrown up by the pandemic. The project’s aim was to help clean up the planet by engaging the company’s entire network of suppliers and clients.

As the first Benefit Corporation in the language industry, and a certified B Corp since 2019, Way2Global belongs to an international network of innovative companies who voluntarily take action to protect the environment — as well as pursuing profit.

Green Translations kicked off by planting the first trees in Way2Global’s forest in Kenya at Christmas 2018. The project centers on Way2Global’s partnership with fellow B Corp Treedom, which has a digital platform for remote planting activities. After the milestone of creating the Way2Forest, in 2019 Way2Global consolidated its partnership with Treedom by integrating tree planting into its business model and turned its attention to systemic and structural transformation.The overall aim of Green Translations is to change our approach to the climate crisis and limit CO2 at the source.

Way2Global’s cultural and business plans are based on a series of sustainability indicators. These corporate KPIs ensure the company keeps improving its organization year on year and gives the same weight to commercial targets as to social and environmental ones.

Way2Global wants to monitor its carbon footprint to reduce emissions at the source. It’s this knowledge that allows the company to analyze and limit its consumption and thus use resources more intelligently and sustainably, both in-house and throughout the supply chain. It also raises awareness among its translators and suppliers.

This environmentally sustainable system sees Way2Global draw all its energy from renewable sources. The company uses non-toxic cleaning products and unbleached, chorine-free printing paper. Way2Global became a plastic-free company in September 2019 and it passionately participates in plastic collection drives both locally and in the Mediterranean, working with other B Corps to achieve this aim. Way2Global has installed adjustable, energy-saving HVAC and LED lighting systems, encouraged working from home to reduce the environmental impact of commuting, contracted local staff and suppliers and fully digitalized its operations to reduce the amount of travel necessary. And as if that weren’t enough, it has drastically reduced air travel and worked to promote sustainable mobility while systematically increasing the number of green and sustainable suppliers it works with.

Offsetting any remaining emissions is the just the final step in the process of reaching carbon neutrality, the targets the European Union wants to reach by 2050. However, at the 2019 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP25), a group of 533 trailblazing B Corps, including Way2Global, resolved to achieve this by 2030 — but now Way2Global has succeeded in reaching this goal 10 years earlier.

For Way2Global, Green Translations is part of its identity. It’s proof that it really is possible to transform one’s business model to drive environmental protection and the common good, even in low-impact service sectors such as that of the language industry.

Even a small company like Way2Global can make a valuable contribution to the world.