Why Localization Teams Think Outside-in at Dell

Why localization teams think outside-in at Dell

Planning and orchestrating localization for dozens of markets is never simple, and in the rush of day-to-day operations, it can be easy just to keep doing things the way they’ve always been done. But sometimes, it pays to pause and reflect – and bring in fresh thinking from outside the organization.

A unique, collaborative approach to localization

Like every global technology company, the quality of Dell’s user experience has a major impact on the perception of its brand in each of its markets around the world. To get those localized experiences right, Dell’s Global Translation Team works with several language services providers (LSPs), including RWS. 

Together, we’ve revolutionized Dell’s approach to partnership and collaboration, and at SlatorCon Remote on 14 June, we’ll show you how we did it. RWS and Dell will discuss how we work together – and with Dell’s other LSP partners – to rethink traditional approaches and develop new perspectives. It’s a unique approach that actively fosters collaboration and encourages openness – building a genuine partnership that benefits everyone.

Outside-in thinking unlocks valuable ideas

One of the keys to the success of this collaboration initiative has been the adoption of ‘outside-in’ thinking. During regular globalization summits, Dell and its LSP partners bring along localization counterparts from other sectors to offer diverse perspectives on everything from stakeholder engagement to process optimization. 

These summits provide an opportunity to share insights, experiences and best practices, and find creative solutions for complex globalization challenges. With access to views and ideas from multiple organizations, Dell can broaden perspectives and help their globalization team grow solid relationships with stakeholders across the organization. In fact, the initiative provides significant value – and some unforeseen benefits – for Dell, its LSP partners and the external participants.

Expanding the localization conversation

By drawing on a larger pool of perspectives from beyond its own business, Dell can ensure that its globalization strategy focuses on the right areas and that strategic plans are turned into effective action.

This initiative has helped to strengthen the RWS-Dell relationship, with close collaboration and information sharing ensuring localization operations flow smoothly between RWS, the Global Translation Team and Dell’s other vendors. So, instead of having conversations about operational performance, we can all focus on strategic discussions about taking advantage of the latest technological advances or staying ahead of emerging trends.

One important benefit we didn’t expect when we embarked on this initiative was how much it’s enriched the professional lives of everyone involved. We’ve forged closer working relationships and created a collaborative, supportive community built on authenticity, honesty and trust.

By sharing useful information, valuable insights and hard-won lessons from other client engagements, everybody in the community is learning together and growing their skills and expertise.

Hear the full story at SlatorCon Remote

If you’d like to learn more about how the collaboration initiative works, join us at SlatorCon Remote to get the inside story from RWS and Dell. We’ll also offer practical advice on how you can start a similar initiative and realize the benefits of outside-in thinking in your organization. And don’t forget to stop by the RWS booth in the virtual expo to have your questions answered by our experts.