Wordbank’s Subscription-Free Client Portal Now Available to US Clients

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Wordbank is expanding its Content Hub – a client-facing extension of Wordbank’s workflow management system, which enables international marketing teams to request, review, and approve multilingual marketing and creative content in real-time. Designed with the client experience in mind, the system has been successful in the UK and Europe for several years and is now being extended to US clients.

A subscription-free solution designed for marketing localization, Wordbank’s Content Hub offers clients increased control and transparency during the content creation process. Simple and adaptable to both short- and long-term needs, the system has been welcomed by clients who have previously experienced rigid and costly solutions with other LSPs.

“Too often companies find themselves locked into localization software solutions that ultimately don’t meet their expanding marketing and creative content needs. Wordbank is proudly software agnostic. We don’t believe in pushing one-size-fits-all solutions, especially when it comes to marketing and creative content,” says Wordbank CEO, Lindsay Johnson. “Our flexible approach to technology enables us to put systems in place that support our clients’ evolving resource and process needs. And since people and process are key to effective marketing localization, we see technology as an enabler – not the definition – of localization solutions. The Content Hub is just one of the many ways that we add value in driving customer success and lasting partnerships based on results.”

Expansion of the Content Hub’s functionality, based on direct client feedback, will continue in 2021 and early 2022.

About Wordbank

Wordbank is a privately owned localization agency specializing in marketing communications since 1988. Offering a strategic blend of marketing and localization best practice designed to drive customer success, Wordbank helps companies successfully execute marketing and communications programs in more than 140 languages across 95+ countries. From simple translation to creative content and digital marketing, their in-house and in-country experts help clients get the results they need to realize their international growth goals. Wordbank’s marketing localization roadmap, platform-agnostic positioning, ability to scale customized content models, and commitment to being human about the way they do business deliver an unrivaled customer experience and measurable results.