Wordbee‌ ‌and‌ ‌Intento‌ ‌Announce‌ ‌Connector‌

Wordbee Intento Connector

Luxembourg, October 2020  – Wordbee and Intento are pleased to announce a connector which allows Wordbee users to  access third-party machine translation systems available through Intento. This integration  significantly extends the range of available machine translation systems that users can  leverage from within Wordbee. It also provides access to advanced MT workflows and  features of the Intento Enterprise MT Hub. 

“Wordbee is continuously striving to offer its users best-of-breed solutions for improving their  translation processes including the possibility to leverage machine translations intelligently.  We have added many MT connectors over the years. Today, with Intento, we significantly  increase the number of available options with systems including Systran, SDL, Amazon,  Baidu, IBM Watson and many others. Custom models or glossaries are immediately  accessible within Wordbee as well. This is an exciting step into the future,“ says Stephan  Böhmig, CTO of Wordbee. 

As machine translation is on the rise and more and more companies include MT engines into  their processes, it’s a great time for an integration such as this one that combines the power  of Wordbee’s Translation Management System with Intento’s broad range of MT integrations 

and value-add MT features, such as Smart Routing, MT-agnostic glossaries, tone of voice  control, entity protection, pseudonymization, profanity filtering and more.  

“We’re excited to launch this partnership. Wordbee is well-known for delivering its Enterprise  TMS promise and highly appreciated by both enterprise and LSP users. We at Intento are  experts at fitting Machine Translation to purpose with our tools. Together, we’ll be  empowering globalization efforts in many industries, bringing the tangible value of increased  speed, better quality, and lower costs. We hope Wordbee users will unlock the full MT  potential through using our MT Hub for their localization projects, as well as leveraging the  same MT engines for their Customer Support, Community Management and Office  Productivity initiatives via Intento integrations to other enterprise systems”, says Konstantin  Savenkov, Intento CEO. 

Configuring Intento within Wordbee is simple: Users sign-up with Intento and configure machine translation systems in the Intento Console. Then the Intento license key is added to the Wordbee platform. To receive your Intento license key or request more information about  the available MT engines within Intento, please contact Tatiana Dmitrieva (EMEA,  tatiana.dmitrieva@inten.to) or Mark Hjerpe (Americas, mark.hjerpe@inten.to

About Intento:

A graduate of the Berkeley SkyDeck accelerator, Intento helps global companies procure  and utilize the best-fit cognitive AI services. The Intento Enterprise MT Hub connects MT  models trained on multiple platforms (such as Amazon, Google AutoML or Microsoft  Cognitive Services) with many enterprise software systems. Launched in 2017, Intento  recently received a U.S. patent for its core platform and works with global technology, retail  and travel companies, augmenting their Localization, Content Management, Customer  Support and Marketing Operations with AI. It has ISO-27001 and ISO-9001 certifications.  

For more information, visit https://inten.to

About Wordbee: 

Established in 2008, Wordbee is a Luxembourg based Translation Technology company that  develops Wordbee Translator, a collaborative translation editor (CAT) and project  management solution, as well as Wordbee Beebox, a content connector that interfaces with  the most popular CMS software on the market. Wordbee helps enterprises, language service  providers, and public institutions to implement high-performance translation management  technologies. 

Using Wordbee’s technology improves the time-to-market of products and services while still enhancing the quality of translations at a lower cost. For more information please contact us at info@wordbee.com.