Wordbee Announces Online Subtitles Translator as Part of CAT Tool

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Video is a big deal, according to Hubspot, and it’s not just for marketing. Video is becoming big in customer service, e-learning, and training.

This is why Wordbee has developed the first professional video subtitle translation tool to be integrated directly in a CAT tool, featuring video preview and more.

Some of the world’s largest companies use Wordbee to manage all of their translations, amounting to 12,500 unique users daily and several millions of words… except video subtitles. That is, until today.

“Everyone is using video now. We didn’t want our clients, whether they are airlines, games producers, or Fortune 500 software companies, to go outside Wordbee to do their subtitles,” said Anita Sempels, CSO of Wordbee.

Wordbee Video Subtitle Translation

So what’s included?

“It’s not just SRT file support. You can preview the video, with your subtitles, right in the CAT tool together with the timestamp. And of course, your glossaries, translation memories, or machine translation all apply here,” said Stephan Böhmig, CTO of Wordbee.

According to some surveys, the average employee watches 7 hours of training videos. Video content in training, e-learning, and employee onboarding has higher terminology consistency needs.

Anita Sempels remarked, “Some of these videos essentially double as a kind of documentation. As such, the importance of translation memory and terminology consistency is just as important for these video subtitles as it would be for the actual technical documentation.”