Wordbee Welcomes Andre Hemker As New CEO

Wordbee CEO Andre Hemker

Luxembourg, October 2020 – Wordbee announced the appointment of Andre Hemker as new Chief Executive Officer as of  October 1, 2020 taking over from José Vega. 

José co-founded the Luxembourg based software company together with CTO Stephan  Böhmig in 2008 and has been CEO ever since. In his twelve years as Wordbee CEO he led the  company from being the first cloud based TMS on the market to becoming a leading player  in the translation technology space. He will continue as chair of the company’s Board of  Directors, playing an advisory role and overseeing the actions taken by the executives. 

In preparation for José’s retirement it was only natural to find a new CEO for the translation  management software company. “The search criteria was simple: we needed a driven, innovative thinker that can rally the troops, someone who can quickly get a firm grasp of the  market we’re in and get our teams moving in the right direction”, says Jose, “Andre has all  of these qualifications. Plus, he’s got a great sense of humor.” 

Andre Hemker, founder and CEO of Wordcraft, a language service provider based in  Germany, has been a trusted partner and client of Wordbee for many years. When he first  started working with Wordbee he was instantly impressed, “It was the first time that I saw  that someone looked at the entire translation process holistically from the moment you  receive an order from the client all the way to writing your invoice at the end.” 

Having a broad understanding of the language industry and its needs, as well as knowing the  Wordbee technologies almost inside-out, Andre made the perfect fit for the role of CEO.  

Moving forward, Andre’s vision is clear, “The most significant change that I want to bring as  the new CEO is unconditional user focus. We cannot wait for the perfect moment to  incorporate necessary changes. Let’s take the moment and make it perfect.” 

About Wordbee: 

Established in 2008, Wordbee is a Luxembourg based Translation Technology company that  develops Wordbee Translator, a collaborative translation editor (CAT) and project  management solution, as well as Wordbee Beebox, a content connector that interfaces with  the most popular CMS software on the market. Wordbee helps enterprises, language  service providers, and public institutions to implement high-performance translation  management technologies. 

Using Wordbee’s technology improves the time-to-market of products and services while  still enhancing the quality of translations at a lower cost.  

For more information please contact us at info@wordbee.com.