Xillio and MittaqQI Drive Progress and Innovation with TAPICC Integration

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Amsterdam, June 18, 2020 – Xillio, a leading provider of content migration and integration software, and MittagQI, developer of translate5, an open source cloud translation management system (TMS) have built an integration via the TAPICC protocol. This integration between Xillio’s LocHub and translate5 offers a flexible solution for translate5 users who need to localize contents coming from several CMS/PIM systems. With the integration, Content and Localization Managers can select and send content for translation to the translate5 TMS in an easy and automated way.

For instance, when a Content and Localization Manager wants to localize WordPress contents for local markets, they can select these contents in LocHub, create a job and submit it for translation. Once the content location and automation rules have been defined, the manual work can be fully automated. Thanks to the TAPICC integration, the job is automatically sent to translate5 and after translation transferred back to WordPress via LocHub and the TAPICC protocol. Allowing for online translation and enabling translators to review the translated text directly in the layout and context, this integration enhances the translation quality.

Xillio and MittaqQI TAPICC Integration

Marc Mittag, CEO and founder of MittagQI about the TAPICC integration: “We are not only developing our web-based TMS translate5 but are also doing a lot of customer development in the translation industry with a main focus on interfaces. It’s our main goal to develop flexible products with integration capabilities for industrial enterprises and LSPs. The integration between translate5 and LocHub meets this goal and offers a sophisticated solution for LSPs and enterprise so that they can face the translation challenges they see, such as enhancing quality of work and content.”

Rikkert Engels, Xillio CEO: “The TAPICC integration that MittagQI has built proves that integration isn’t difficult to build and elevates the TAPICC model of interoperability to the next level, which is our main goal. The interoperability principles of TAPICC will create new opportunities for the translation industry. It’s great to see MittagQI is supporting this goal.”

View https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQ4Ex7o8AKI for a demo video on this integration.