Xillio Announces Salesforce Knowledge and WordPress WPML Connector for LocHub

Amsterdam – October 14, 2019 – Xillio, specialist in content migration and integration software, today launched new LocHub connectors for WordPress Multilingual Plugin (WPML) and Salesforce Knowledge. These connectors allow content managers, localization managers and LSPs to switch to a fully automated workflow between CMS and any TMS.

With the two new arrivals Xillio LocHub is able to connect to 24 different content systems now, including Adobe Experience Manager, Drupal, Sitecore, GitHub, SharePoint.

Xillio connectors add translation capabilities to content management systems. Localization engineers and project managers are enabled to pick-up content automatically and to connect to the translation technology of their choice. LSPs can win new clients interested in an automated translation process in WordPress WPML and Salesforce Knowledge.

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world, used by 35% of the websites, according to W3Techs. To make these websites multilingual, site owners install plugins, the most popular of which is WPML. Xillio’s integration with WPML is extensive and supports pages, posts and even content created via Custom Post Types. With a Xillio connector, content writers and localization managers can run website translation projects and maintain these websites in multiple languages in an easy way.

Salesforce Knowledge is a system to build online knowledge bases. They are used internally by support agents and can be published for customers as support websites. Knowledge bases typically have dozens or hundreds of articles, which are frequently updated by technical writers. Keeping up with localization requires significant effort. Manual work can be completely automated by the Xillio connector.

The new connectors pull source content from the CMS and connect to the translation system of your choice. After translation, LocHub saves the target content back to WordPress and Salesforce Knowledge in the correct language version of the website.

Localization managers can use Xillio connectors as an API to make them an invisible component of their own translation systems. Or, they can access the connectors via LocHub online portal.

Localization Hub (short, LocHub) is a user-friendly and intuitive connectivity platform that enables seamless integration between all content source systems and translation systems of your choice. Launched in March 2019, LocHub now integrates 24 major content management systems with any translation technology. Xillio develops new connectors on a regular basis and continuously updates existing ones to support releases of content systems.

Rikkert Engels, CEO of Xillio: “Localization teams have to deal with small chunks of content, sometimes just a few lines or words on button descriptions twenty times a day into 8-20 languages. It’s becoming more of a process challenge than a translation challenge. We work on new connectors all the time to keep up with the automation needs with LSPs and end buyers. All our connectors are continuously tested and maintained; our clients have the guarantee that the connector is future-proof.”

Jago Philippens, CTO at Xillio: “WordPress Custom Post Types are particularly difficult to translate in an automated manner. Thanks to our experience with many different kinds of data and content systems, our WPML connector can handle also Custom Post Types with minimal effort, which makes launching or managing a multilingual site much easier for our customers.”

Find more information on LocHub and the connectors on www.xillio.com/LocHub

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