XTM Cloud 12.6 “Empowering Integration” Released

XTM Cloud v12.6

XTM International have announced the release of XTM Cloud 12.6. The new version of XTM Cloud gives users enhanced connectivity options for globalized content delivery, improved functionality for administrators and project managers, a more efficient approach to machine translation and a better user experience during quality assurance.

Sara Basile, Product Manager at XTM International sees the new release as an important step towards a more connected localization ecosystem. “As users need smooth content workflows, efficient communication between XTM Cloud and content management systems is a priority. In version 12.6, we have refined and enhanced features which are crucial for automated, seamless and continuous exchange of content between XTM Cloud and content systems like Adobe Experience Manager and Sitecore.”

Connectivity that empowers global content delivery

The new version of XTM Cloud improves operational efficiency for localization managers dealing with large volumes of content in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and Sitecore. Managing translation workflows between AEM and XTM Cloud has become more efficient with up to 70% time savings when submitting content for translation. Users will also see faster translation times, and overall efficiency gains, as they can now manage multiple AEM pages in a single project. Updates for Sitecore users include support for version 10 and greater control over workflows, as well as easier management over translation projects.

There is a new connector to Figma, the interface design tool, to enable Figma users to localize user interfaces at the design stage, meaning faster time to market. 

To improve user experience GIT administrators are now able to create GIT buckets directly from within the user interface. This gives them more ownership of the setup and means a faster software localization process.

More about connectivity enhancements 

Machine translation – edit distance calculation

We have added an edit distance calculation for machine translated content. The edit distance score will enable project managers to assess the quality of machine translated output, and refine post-editing business models, which means more accuracy and transparency in the MTPE workflows. 

Project management enhancements 

In version 12.6 we have made enhancements to administrative and management tasks and also added some self-serve options for administrators. Project managers will be able to find a project using only a full or partial file name whereas administrators will have more independence as they can export customers and users from the user interface, the latter is useful in particular for auditing. 

In XTM Cloud 12.6, translation memory managers can define tags at the project and file level when creating projects via the XTM Cloud API. This gives greater flexibility while configuring TM tags. Project managers can easily access information about tags from within the Workflow Manager, and further apply TM penalty profiles at the file level.

We  have added support for two new file types – Sketch and Microsoft Visio (.vsdx), meaning manual imports and exports are no longer required when translating content from these systems.

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Enhanced linguistic functionality in XTM Workbench

Quality control in translation can be tedious, we have made the quality assurance (QA) process more seamless and hassle-free. There is a dedicated Workbench panel for language QA, which can be dragged and dropped around the Workbench workspace. This is part of our focus on improving linguistic productivity, efficiency and speed. Other user experience enhancements include an improved display of intra-file and cross-file repetitions and support for special and Unicode characters in XTM Workbench. 

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Improved language AI

In XTM Cloud 12.6, we have refined our AI-driven bilingual terminology extraction to exclude terms that are already part of the Customer terminology database. This will save time on term validation and improve overall quality of entries. 

For more information about this release, please read our release blog.

Media contact: Dave Ruane

Email: marketing@xtm.cloud

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