XTM Cloud 13.0 – The Pathfinder Release

XTM Cloud Pathfinder Release

XTM International is delighted to announce the launch of XTM Cloud 13.0: The Pathfinder Release, which delivers a number of key enhancements to its Translation Management System, enabling users to take charge of their globalization journey.


  • Smarter applications of AI across multiple features
  • Breakthrough Translation Memory analysis delivering 25% more accuracy in Fuzzy Matching
  • Next-generation NLP technology delivers higher accuracy for placement of inline tags
  • AI-enhanced TM, powered by SYSTRAN Neural Fuzzy Augmented functionality (NFA) enables Machine Translation to leverage existing Translation Memories, providing context and therefore consistently delivering the best possible match
  • Continuous deployment of Connectors, providing ongoing releases of new features. Latest enhancements include Optimizely (previously Episerver), Kontent by Kentico, Contentful, HubSpot and AEM.


XTM’s unique TM leveraging algorithm, Weighted Token Levenshtein, has been improved to deliver up to 25% more matches, now enabling users to fully leverage their TM in similar segments which differ only by word order, as well as being able to recognize proper nouns when calculating the score.

The Pathfinder Release’s enhanced auto-inline feature increases the percentage of perfectly accurate inline tag placements from 62% to 73%. This ensures linguists don’t have to waste time on tedious, manual tasks and can focus on translation work.

With our enhanced functionality, fuzzy matches coming from the Translation Memory can be fully leveraged by SYSTRAN. This harmonization of TM and Machine Translation enables linguists to get the best possible matches and breeze through their projects.


Product Manager Sara Basile believes that XTM Cloud 13.0 strikes a balance between guiding users in how to get the best from the system, and giving them the freedom to chart their own localization journey:

“XTM Cloud users are smart and innovative. The Pathfinder Release offers them the upgrades and new features they’ve asked for and empowers them to use those tools to create their own path to global communication. There is something for everyone here, however most people will really like the refinement of our industry-leading Weighted Token Levenshtein algorithm, as it speaks to the bottom line in a very clear way by delivering up to 25% improved accuracy in TM matches. It’s just one of the ways that XTM Cloud 13.0 unlocks time and resources, and invites users to do what they choose with them.”

David Ruane, Digital Content and Partnership Manager, sees XTM’s partnership with SYSTRAN as good news for language technology users everywhere:

“SYSTRAN and XTM are both shining examples of technology companies that keep refreshing our products, staying agile and completely user-focused. The Pathfinder Release introduces the ground-breaking AI-enhanced TM feature which is an innovative way of taking partial matches and giving them a new lease of life using SYSTRAN’s NFA functionality. I am excited to see how customers benefit from this new feature set.”

Lastly, XTM Cloud 13.0 makes connector deployment even more flexible, with independent releases of enhancements to Optimizely, Kentico, Contentful, Hubspot and Sitecore.


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