XTM LIVEStream 2020 Showcases Success Stories of AI Adopters

XTM LIVEStream 2020

On December 16, 2020, XTM International will host XTM LIVEStream 2020, an interactive, inclusive, free-to-attend virtual conference featuring success stories from global brands. The conference is the latest edition of XTM LIVE, adapted to an exciting online format, after previous well-attended legs in San Mateo, Amsterdam, Boston, and London as well as two editions of XTM LIVEStream.

This year’s theme, The Intelligence Revolution — AI, Automation, and the Cloud, will cover practical use cases of artificial intelligence, how it plays into existing translation management systems and, more broadly, its impact on process automation.

In quick, 20-minute sessions, speakers representing top global consumer and tech companies, will tackle the intersection of data, artificial intelligence, machine translation, and intelligent automation, as well as the intelligence revolution currently taking place in the global language industry.

One of the biggest challenges in the current environment is where to connect with people with whom to exchange insights that can have an impactful and lasting effect on the business. XTM International aims to continue providing such a venue through XTM LIVEStream — without scaling down on the depth of insights on offer.

This year’s conference will see such global brands as Ingka Group | IKEA Retail, ASICS Digital, Gap Inc., Eventbrite, Crown Equipment Corporation, and more participating. (Check out this year’s agenda.)

To facilitate more meaningful interactions, the program includes one networking session at lunchtime and another capping the event. Conference participants will be encouraged to take advantage of XTM LIVEStream’s interactive platform to chat with other attendees within the time allotted for networking.

An interesting part of the program are XTM LIVEStream’s live Q&A sessions, where attendees will be able to go around and interact with experts to gain more valuable takeaways. (Register now!)

Rundown of Speakers

CSA Research founder, Dr. Don DePalma, will start things off with a keynote presentation on the democratization of AI. Next, Veronica DiMartino of Eventbrite will share how they built a sophisticated localization process from the ground up, playing a part in the ticketing platform’s successful global expansion.

Representatives from machine translation and tech companies SYSTRAN Software and Intento, as well as XTM International and, Ingka Group | IKEA Retail, will talk about navigating the intelligence revolution with a particular focus on localization, machine translation, data, and AI.

XTM International‘s Dr. Rafał Jaworski will then briefly discuss one of the latest disruptive technologies, Inter-Language Vector Space, and its practical impact on the business. A 30-minute networking event hosted by XTM follows.

Next on stage will be Haims Consulting’s Erica Haims and XTM International’s Elizabeth Butters. The duo will present “The Global Marketing Playbook” on navigating through business-critical decisions.

A power-packed 20 minutes follows with Alessandra Binazzi of ASICS Digital, Pascale Tremblay of Gap Inc., Samantha Reiss of Lilt, and Rory Sampair of XTM International tackling intelligent process automation, or “How to Build Impactful Global Content at the Speed of Now!”

Rocío Gray of Crown Equipment Corporation will provide the penultimate presentation, titled “Connected Terminology — a key in the path to amazing content quality,” and Sara Basile of XTM International will unveil the company roadmap. Wrapping things up will be XTM International CEO Bob Willans and Senior VP for Sales Shamus Dermody, after which a 30-minute Networking Happy Hour will cap the event.

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