XTM Sets a New Standard for Inclusive Language withAI-Powered Quality Checks

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London, July 10, 2023

XTM International, the leading provider of translation management technology for enterprises, is thrilled to announce the release of XTM Cloud 13.3. The latest update introduces new AI-powered quality checks, a redesigned user interface, project management enhancements, and several new features that empower global companies to reach their international audiences faster.

  • AI-Powered Quality Checks: XTM Cloud 13.3 introduces beta access to AI-powered quality checks, helping users safeguard their brand image through the automatic identification of offensive or discriminatory language within XTM Workbench. The system flags non-inclusive or inappropriate language, ensuring high-quality localized content and providing linguists with suggestions for improvement. Additionally, a new AI-driven QA check now scores translation quality for each segment, enabling linguists and reviewers to focus on potential issues much faster. This is a unique functionality not offered by other translation management systems on the market.
  • Redesigned User Interface: The user interface of XTM Cloud now offers improved navigation and a modern look and feel. The User Details page now provides a more user-friendly experience for managing profile information, while the updated Project Templates page enhances navigation between pages. This is part of a general initiative from XTM to refresh its brand image and make sure its users can have the best user experience possible.
  • Project Management Enhancements: XTM Cloud 13.3 introduces several improvements to the Project module. The project list switchers have been enhanced with one-click filtering of ‘Active,’ ‘Archived,’ or ‘Auto archived’ projects, making it easier and faster to find relevant projects. The advanced search functionality enables finding projects based on the last modified date, with relevant results for active projects displayed by default, making it easier to find relevant projects. Additionally, XTM Cloud introduces new Query Management features, including public chats that serve as knowledge bases, guidelines, and context-sharing tools for linguists so they can find information quickly and easily without having to create a new query.
  • XTM Labs Features: XTM Cloud 13.3 incorporates features derived from XTM Labs, a platform that enables users to provide feedback and suggestions before the public release. The release now includes enhanced non-translatable segment recognition, a new ‘Accept task’ workflow option for greater clarity when it comes to acknowledging  tasks before starting them, automatic placement of inline tags with machine translation to streamline localization, project group functionality for efficient project management, and an improved concordance advanced search with Boolean search support. Furthermore, linguistic quality assessment data can now be accessed through the REST API, facilitating performance analysis and report generation. XTM Labs is part of an XTM initiative that gives exclusive access to features requested by users through the XTM Wish List. Once XTM Labs users have had a chance to try the features and provide feedback, they are released to all XTM Cloud users. This is a key part of their product strategy, which puts users at the center of product development and  ensures that their needs and preferences are prioritized

With XTM Cloud 13.3, XTM sets itself apart from other translation management systems (TMSs) as it automatically identifies offensive or discriminatory language, ensuring high-quality localized content. It also provides improved navigation and a modern look and feel, and new filters are making it easier to locate relevant projects quickly. The new public chats streamline information retrieval and eliminate the need to create new queries, and the incorporation of features from XTM Labs further enriches the XTM Cloud 13.3 release.

“This new version of XTM Cloud is a statement of how important it is for us to put our customers’ user experience at the center of what we do. More than 80% of the features in this release come straight from the XTM Wish list. We are grateful for the feedback we receive from our users on a daily basis and for their engagement in helping us make XTM Cloud a better product every day. Our goal with this release is to keep supporting our customers through their international expansion journey, making it as effective as possible, and giving them the right tools to scale their business through a stable, AI-powered product.” Sara Basile, Product Director at XTM

To learn more about XTM Cloud 13.3 and its features, visit xtm.cloud.

About XTM Cloud:

XTM International empowers enterprises to enter new global markets faster by streamlining and fully automating localization processes through their flagship product, XTM Cloud. This cloud-based Translation Management System is a vendor-neutral solution with an integrated computer-aided translation tool that helps companies reach their global customers more quickly and effectively, while boosting their bottom line. Powered by cutting-edge AI technology, as well as supporting over 220 languages and more than 40 out-of-the-box integrations, it delivers the future of localization to more than 12,000 unique active users around the world.

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