XTM v 12.0: Take Advantage of the Most Productive Translator Environment Ever

London, 22 July, 2019 – XTM International have announced a new version of its translation management system, XTM. Featuring XTM Workbench, the new and redeveloped translator workspace, which provides numerous productivity-boosting features for linguists, XTM v12.0 also includes an integration with a new machine translation engine and additional CMS connectors.

XTM Workbench in the spotlight

XTM Editor, has been replaced by XTM Workbench, which has been completely redeveloped. Using cutting-edge design and technology, XTM Workbench is a more efficient and user-friendly translator environment. An XTM team of UI designers and developers in conjunction with trained linguists were able to deliver the most productive translator workspace on the market.

“We are very excited about delivering the new translation environment for our customers. Using the latest technology and with the input of professional UI designers and translators we believe that XTM Workbench will provide a huge step forward in user experience and productivity. It also provides the platform for adding additional AI features that we will roll out over the coming months,” comments Bob Willans, CEO of XTM International.

Functional and interactive

XTM Workbench was designed to maximize ease of use. This has been achieved by moving the toolbar at the both sides of XTM Editor to a new menu on top and to a context-sensitive menu. Also, important segment information including matches, concordance, inline tags, history, and comments is now easily visible in the docked panel at the bottom of the screen.

Dynamic loading of segments

As linguists work through the document, segments load automatically, without having to call the next page. When the linguist nears the bottom of the page additional segments are loaded. Forget labour-intensive pagination and speed up moving between segments with dynamic scrolling!

Go global, faster

Delivering on the promise that XTM users will be able to localize more content at increased speed, today’s release ensures enhanced handling of repetitions and an improved Find and replace option. When the user provides a translation for the first occurrence of a repetition, this text will be automatically propagated throughout the entire document without any manual intervention. Similarly, the Find and replace option has been enhanced to perform a batch find and replace of words in all the files within a project.

In addition, a new status bar in the footer enables users to monitor their translation progress in percentages, words, characters, and segments.

Unvalidated segments within a few clicks

XTM v12.0 enables linguists to mark segments with unconfirmed translations with a brand-new “draft” status. This way, linguists can quickly identify segments that require additional information or checking.

Enhanced Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance (QA) mechanism has been fine-tuned to increase the quality of the translated output. Now, users can run QA checks on the currently displayed segments, on the active segments or on all segments.

XTM V12.0 comes jam-packed with features

New machine translation engine – SDL Be Global

XTM v12.0 introduces a connector to SDL Be Global. This state-of-the-art machine translation with over 100 language combinations is available for linguists to provide accurate and natural sounding translations. Automate your workflows with this powerful machine translation engine which is now integrated with XTM.

New connectors for CMSs ahead

XTM takes their clients’ need for interoperability seriously, and therefore steadily expands its offering of XTM Connectors for the market’s leading content management systems (CMSs). The current release provides XTM Connect for Salesforce Commerce Cloud / Demandware, and Eloqua

Lastly, XTM Connect for Sitecore has several improvements including support for Sitecore 9.1.  

More improvements

In addition to all the above enhancements, there have been improvements in project management, in the alignment module, and new methods have been added to XTM Connect REST API.

If you wish to get a more detailed account of the current release, please visit XTM v12 website or the release notes.

About XTM International

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