XTRF 8.0 Is Here

XTRF 8.0

XTRF 8.0 has been focused mainly on ensuring compliance with GDPR — the regulation from EU Parliament you could read about on our blog some time ago. We also prepared detailed information on how to use XTRF to fulfill GDPR requirements in our Knowledge Base.

Apart from that we also made some tweaks to already present functionalities, including integrations with CAT tools, vendor scheduling and Home Portal API.

GDPR Compliance

Erasing Personal Data of Clients, Vendors and Employees (Users of Home Portal)

A new action has been introduced allowing you to erase the collected data of your clients, vendors, their contact persons and the users of Home Portal.

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Archiving Smart Quotes and Projects

Files in projects take disk space. After a project is closed and delivered, often the files are not needed anymore. Now you can archive projects and quotes, so that the files are zipped and moved to an external directory. They are also password-protected for increased security. You can also set up a schedule for periodic archivization to automate the action.

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Deleting Smart Quotes and Projects

Some projects or quotes are created for testing purposes, by mistake, or they just turn out to be not necessary after all. They can now be safely deleted, thus disappearing from the system completely, including all portals. XTRF will also suggest deleting the associated offer and its opportunity, as well as the corresponding project in the CAT tool (when applicable). All associated files can also be automatically deleted from the system.

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Turning on and off Automatic Retrieval of CAT Analysis from memoQ

To gain better control on when CAT analyses are pulled, automation has been made configurable per Service.

Better Names for CAT Analysis Files Retrieved from memoQ

Files now get simple and meaningful names with language code to avoid unnecessary repetitions.

Smart Views

Last Modification Date as a Filter

To minimize the gap between column and filter accessibility, a filter has been added to views (browses) all over the system.

Note: The corresponding column was already available, so now you can use them together.

Vendor Schedule

To give the PM an overview of all assignments vendors have, Classic Jobs and CRM Events associated with Vendors are now displayed on the Schedule column on Vendors view, in addition to the already present Smart Jobs.

Connectivity and API

Pagination Params in Browsing Items via API

In the Home Portal API, a maxRows parameter has been introduced to the items browsing interface to control the number of returned items.

Parameterized Macros Available via API calls

Now you can run a macro via Home Portal API. What’s more, you can also provide additional parameters to further modify the behavior of the macro.

Learn more about the API and its functionality by visiting the documentation embedded in your XTRF (ask your Account Manager in case of further questions).