XTRF 9.0 Allows More Customization for Translation Agencies

XTRF Simply Translate Success Story

During our search for the most customizable project management system in the translation industry back in 2016, we analyzed all cloud-based providers in the market. It was important to us to select a provider that would offer us the possibility to tailor the software to our needs, either through their development or our own. During our search, XTRF started to invest in a cloud-based version of their software called Smart Projects. Looking back, we made the right call to choose XTRF. We are now using version 9.0 and XTRF keeps improving their capacity for us to request a higher rate of customization.

For language service providers that want to go the extra mile

At Simply Translate we like to develop our own software to process our translation projects as smoothly as possible. For that reason, we considered developing our own project management system. However, when we came across XTRF Smart Projects, we decided against building our own system. Because XTRF is so accessible, it seamlessly integrates in our own platforms. By outsourcing our project management system to XTRF, we can focus our own development on client workflow optimization. This makes our company and services unique.

Smart Projects are cloud-based and have full API accessibility. This allows us to connect in-house software to the project management and account management process, which enables us to trigger numerous automations. If the existing automations do not meet our specific requirements, we simply trigger our own internal macros to streamline the process. We are fully focused on eliminating and automating all repetitive manual tasks so our team members can focus on what matters most: client communication and quality assurance.

Strategic business partner in the language industry

XTRF provides an integrated foundation for our entire localization process in one platform. What’s more, our relationship with XTRF has become a partnership. We had the privilege of being one of the first clients to use Smart Projects and thus to test it thoroughly. We frequently plan sessions with XTRF to give suggestions, request additional features and commission custom work. As we develop a lot of software ourselves, we need our partners to do the same. Luckily XTRF is open to us discussing our technical needs.

However, it has not all been about Simply Translate. Many of the features that were built based on our suggestions, are also relevant for other agencies. That is why our technical team is active on the XTRF forum; we believe in strengthening our industry with our peers. Over the years we have seen the forum community grow. We discuss many topics on the forum and this provides XTRF with direct insight into the thoughts of their client base and suggestions for improvements to their software.

The next step for language service providers

We share a common belief with XTRF that a lot of the elements in the translation process can be automated. These automations make sure that account managers, project managers and translators can invest their time into delivering a high-quality service. Technology makes their work more enjoyable and lets our team members focus on tasks that require human excellence.

We anticipate that the power of future translation agencies will be enabling and guiding clients as they achieve their international ambitions. Supporting them in deciding whether to opt for NMT or human translations and providing them with a platform that allows them to connect, streamline and process their production of multilingual content. Together with XTRF, we will help to realize this future for our clients.