XTRF Launches Advisory Board to Bolster Business Strategy


Translation management platform provider, XTRF, has announced the creation of a new advisory board, which has been appointed to support business and operational decision-making processes at the Krakow-based firm. 

This latest move comes straight off the back of the company’s decision to buy out its VC investors in late December 2020, thus enabling them to independently make and execute key decisions. 

A number of reputable industry professionals are set to join XTRF’s aptly named Wise People Board and will report directly to the Board of Directors. It is hoped that the body will not only enhance the company’s reputation and credibility in the language services sector, but will also provide directors and management with fresh insights and ideas. 

Kristina Cole, localization program manager at Medtronic, is the first of XTRF’S advisory board members to be revealed to the public. Having joined the global healthcare solutions company back in 2018, she’s now responsible for localization strategy development, program planning, and process improvements across multiple business units and functions. 

She brings with her over two decades of international business experience, proven industry experience and insight, and a strong management background. 

The entire XTRF team is very much looking forward to embarking on this exciting new venture.