XTRF Launches Messaging Application to Revolutionize Project Communication


Imagine the end of email. Imagine conversations, queries, and issues about a project stored neatly within the project. Imagine one system that does all this. 

At XTRF, we’ve done more than just imagine. We’ve built it. Meet XTRF Chat. 

XTRF Chat is the first messaging application designed specifically for the translation and localization industry. And we think it has the potential to revolutionize the way you communicate about projects. 

Project chat rooms for better teamwork Once chat is switched on, a chat room is automatically created for each new project or quote. It contains the project team – assigned project managers, project coordinators, and vendors – and allows them to easily communicate among themselves. Queries or issues can be raised and dealt with quickly and files and resources distributed, with no need to contact each person individually. It’s great for business continuity, allowing one project manager to pick up right where another left off. 

One-on-one chats with vendors As well as project chat rooms, there are also individual chats set up between project managers and each vendor. This is ideal when a private conversation is more appropriate. 

Accessible across different devices for speedy replies XTRF Chat can be used as a standalone mobile or web app, or within XTRF’s Home Portal. This means vendors or PMs can even respond easily when they’re away from their desk, by using XTRF Chat app on their phones. 

Auditable, private, and secure No more hunting through screeds of email chains. Conversations are stored and archived along with the project, making it easy to check back on something when you need. 

XTRF Chat has been built to the highest privacy and security standards. It’s GDPR compliant and spam-free. 

Find out more XTRF Chat is already available for current XTRF Clients. Find out more about it: https://xtrf.eu/product/chat/