XTRF Takes Tarjama to New Heights

XTRF and Tarjama

Tarjama’s an overnight success story. Just over a decade after first opening its doors it’s now the leading Language Service Provider (LSP) in the Middle East. Its secret weapon — a market-leading TMS solution. 

From humble beginnings to global dominance 

The company has certainly come a long way since 2008. What started out as a UAE-based translation firm is now a global player in the industry. 

It’s fair to say that a large part of the firm’s success is down to carefully managed business growth. They realized early on that precious time was being lost on repetitive tasks and manual processes, and decided to take action. 

With a rapidly expanding international portfolio of clients and vendors, it was crucial to implement a system that would streamline complex workflows, optimize productivity, and give management full visibility. 

The platform with endless possibilities 

XTRF fit the bill perfectly. This single environment not only brought together all aspects of the translation workflow but also facilitated and centralized communication with global stakeholders. 

The implementation of the platform also had a big impact on Tarjama’s finance department. Previously, requests for invoices in Arabic were nothing short of a nightmare for the team. 

It was a somewhat unwieldy process which involved downloading the English version of the invoice, having it translated, and then sending it out to clients via email. Thanks to the work of the XTRF support team, invoices in Arabic are now available at the touch of a button. 

XTRF has also boosted productivity for project managers. The enhanced visibility and control over human resources provided by the platform, means they are now able to swiftly locate the best talent available for each and every assignment. 

What is more, it enables them to make key data-driven decisions by providing them with a wealth of project information. 

No client demands too complex 

It’s not just Tarjama employees who reap the rewards of XRTF either. The portal also offers clients direct access to invoices, keeps them informed of their project status, and allows them to make direct requests. 

It can be adjusted to satisfy specific client requests too. In fact, Tarjama was recently able to close a lucrative deal thanks to a few portal customizations, which were implemented by the XTRF support team. 

Ultimately, XTRF has helped to streamline Tarjama’s entire workflow. This has added value to both the business and the client base and has fostered a smarter working culture.