XTRF Welcomes Roberto Ganzerli to Its Advisory Board

XTRF Roberto Ganzerli

Krakow-based translation software developer XTRF has announced the appointment of Roberto Ganzerli to its recently established advisory board.

The founder and former CEO of Arancho Doc (now Acolad), a European leader in professional translation and localization services, brings with him over 30 years’ experience in the translation and localization sector.

He now heads up LSP Growth, a unique business consulting firm designed to offer support to small and medium-sized LSPs and help them thrive in today’s competitive global market. His broad understanding of the language industry and its needs, in addition to his unrivaled M&A expertise, made him the perfect fit for the Wise People Board.

XTRF’s decision to form an official advisory board comes straight off the back of its buyout announcement earlier this year. The choice to go it alone is a result of the company’s continued success, having achieved an impressive 99.99% uptime for onCloud services in 2020.

It is hoped that this handful of proven industry veterans will provide both directors and management with a privileged insight into the localization landscape, and help them to make informed and strategic decisions moving forward.