Zingword Releases ZingChat, a Centralized Communication Center For the Translation Industry

ZingWord, staffing, hiring, and acquiring professional translation services

London, September 2022

“WhatsApp. Email. Facebook. Skype.” Those are just a few answers you are likely to get when you ask how managers at translation companies are currently communicating with freelance translators.

While the rest of the world has moved their communications into trusted chat products like Slack or Teams, the translation industry has been using whatever it can get their hands on.

ZingChat changes that, as the translation industry’s first fully-featured team chat product. The beta features unlimited history, unlimited collaborators, read receipts, files, pins, GIFs, threads, channels, reactions, and typing notifications, all within an easy-to-use, intuitive interface. Create your free account to explore this new addition to Zingword’s features.

Says Robert Rogge, CEO of Zingword, “If you are following our story, at first you could find the perfect translator using our enterprise search in a matter of seconds. Then, we began to validate each translator to ensure quality in our platform. Now with ZingChat, you can centralize your discussions with translators in a modern, organized way.”

ZingChat is currently a free product for both clients and translators, and it integrates with Zingword’s other tools. Vendor Managers, Project Managers, and Recruiters can oversee projects, NDAs, contracts, and more, while onboarding their translation team within the same tool.

Robert Rogge says, “We’ve been in a world where maybe we aren’t matching translators to content or client as well as we could have been.”

Using Zingword’s enterprise search, Vendor Managers can instantly return search results of their ideal candidates and create ZingChat discussions with multiple translators at the same time by simply adding them to the sidebar tool. As a single-page application, clients can search, review profiles, and add them to the sidebar without losing track of their work, and quickly find which translators are a good fit.

Robert Rogge says, “More than anything, we look forward to extending ZingChat to make communications in the translation industry better, creating a win-win for technology companies, LSPs, end-clients, and of course translators.”