Media Localization Startup Ollang Raises USD 1.5M in Seed Funding

Media Localization Startup Ollang Raises USD 1.5M in Seed Funding

Media localization startup Ollang has raised USD 1.5m in seed funding as it looks to expand globally and continue development of its workflow management system Olabs.

Investors in the funding round, which closed in March, include Revo Capital, JIMCO (Jameel Investment Management Company), Dubai Angel Investors, as well as Koray Bahar from Joint Venture, Ahu Serter from Arya Melek Angel Investment, and Orkun Iştmak.

Founded in 2019, Ollang provides AI-enabled closed-captioning, subtitling, and dubbing services in more than 60 languages. It works with streaming platforms including Netflix and YouTube, TV broadcasters, e-learning platforms, and social media content creators.

Ollang founder and CEO, Ebru Yildirim, described Olabs as an “end-to-end globalization product,” through which customers can order subtitles, closed captions, AI dubbing, and studio dubbing. 

The investment brings total funds raised to USD 1.62m. The company has not shared valuation or revenue numbers.

Asked about the process of connecting with prospective investors, Yildirim told Slator, “Referrals and investor newsletters were effective. We got rejected several times, but we know that is part of the game.”

Ollang’s current customers are based in the US and Turkey — Ollang’s 28 employees are based mostly in the two countries — as well as in South Korea, the UAE, and France, where Ollang has more recently begun expanding.

Yildirim said she sees “huge potential” for growth in Asia and Europe in the coming years, especially in the TV and film industry, and with creators and e-learning platforms. 

Yildirim told Slator the company grew by over 100 percent in 2022. She added, “For 2023, we aim to make sure people understand the opportunities brought by globalization. We are creating a language-free world for people.”